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By Supporting the Chinese Medicine Database you are supporting the translation of Classical and Modern Chinese texts.

Supporting members are individuals or businesses who value the contribution of Chinese medicine to the world health community.

Supporting members contributions are solely used to fund the translation of Classical and modern Chinese texts.

With their contribution sponsors will a receive a website medal (for the life of the website) which announces to visitors of the Supporting Members page, how much that company or individual gave to the Chinese Medicine Database, the text that their support helped translate, and a link to their own website.

We like to think of this as your advertising dollars working for the benefit of the world Chinese medicine community.

If an individual or company would prefer to take a tax deduction with this, we do have another solution, but we ask that you contact us directly to inquire about this option. Please make your selection below:

Supporting Memberships: *
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$50.00    Copper Sponsor
$100.00    Bronze Sponsor
$250.00    Silver Sponsor
$500.00    Gold Sponsor
$1,000.00    Platinum Sponsor
$5,000.00    Titanium Sponsor
$10,000.00    Amber Sponsor
$15,000.00    Jade Sponsor
$25,000.00    Crystal Sponsor